If you have never heard of , you may not be a Twitter user, or you may be new. is the Twitterverse’s way of letting the community know about people you follow, and a little bit about them. Really, it is kind of a shout out.

@weatherangel She's good about babbling without needing to get up just yet! LOL. BTW, you are part of my #followfriday." title=" She's good about babbling without needing to get up just yet! LOL. BTW, you are part of my #followfriday." width="300" height="94" class="alignright size-full wp-image-76" />I have been part of before, but this one struck me because while I talk to various people in the Twitterverse, I generally think I have too much to say — I’ve always been told I talk too much, so I’m self conscious about it. I get excited about something and that’s the end of all sanity — I just start talking until I realize I’m doing it then you won’t hear from me because I feel that I’ve embarrassed myself. But I have good friends around me like who will set me straight on that, any time I get down, and poke fun at me and my habits just to be funny.

@weatherangel #passionkisses" title="hankito1" width="294" height="94" class="alignright wp-image-78" />I’ve actually been amazed at the amount of people who are following me at this point. I have varying interests, all of which seem to be geeky. I geek out on weather — severe weather, hurricanes and the like, or I geek out on work which for me is programming. I enjoy both immensely, but they’re in a lot of ways two different worlds… My first thought was that maybe I needed to split into another username, but then I have some friends that are interested in both, and I like checking only one place… I finally decided that my personality is who I am, and well everyone can take it or leave it. So back to my opening sentence, I’m amazed at the amount of people following me because I don’t consider myself all that interesting…

So what is the point of all of this? I’ve been part of before, and it was part of a group — I considered it a kind gesture that I was even in the group. Today, I received this very thoughtful from :

@kpkfusion: I have a strong affinity for contrarians and real people. fits the bill. Very real insights. Authentic. #followfriday" title="kpktusion1" width="292" height="96" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-74" />

If what he says is true, then I am being the person that I am trying to be. In this world of falseness, where everyone has to be better than everyone else, this made me feel like what I’m doing is right…

So Thank You… because it means a lot to me, and 140 characters just wasn’t going to cut it 🙂