Now that the iPad is here, we as developers need a way to keep track of how they are doing in all of the various app stores. The Perl script we wrote before was great! Except now they’ve added new popIds to the mix which are specific to the new hardware. This means a code update, of course… So after seeing how Dylan over at AppViz found the new Ids, I went on a hunt to find the rest for my humble little Perl script. Once again, my script is a modification of the original by Erica Sandun which was published back in 2008, but it works really well for me and has for quite some time. Unlike some of the other modifications of her script, this one doesn’t require extra packages, and it just works. I personally keep this one up to date since I have it set on a cron to check the statistics during the middle of the night and email the report back to me… I like waking up to the fresh smell of statistics in the morning, don’t you?

This version has been refined to add a hash of popIds that I would like to choose from, allowing me to write my hash in plain english and translate it to the ID for the app. This version also adds in the new countries from the February 18, 2010 country update…

Happy tracking!