So I am working on moving things around.  I really don’t like blogger, and my work doesn’t like, so I had to move my blog into my own site.  The drawback is that I don’t get the notice that I would otherwise get from the site.  Sucks to be me, but whatever.

I have also just re-arranged my Mom’s domain, adding her web presence to a single location, that links them all together.  Lets think of it as the one ring to rule them all.  She sells new and used books online on  It’s not the end all of beautiful layouts, but it’s a start.  My Mom tends to be very impatient with me so getting something up there was key.  It can be made to look nicer later.

I’ve been surprised at how well our sites in general are doing.  Linking them all up has been a boon, and Wendy’s writing about her adventures in iPhone programming hasn’t hurt.  I will be bringing my programming blog here as well, and will probably just leave the other blogs there pointing at this one or something.  Not sure yet, but those are the thoughts.

In general, that’s about it.