It always amazes me when I mention a well known tool and my co-workers have never heard of it. Okay, yeah, they are windows guys and this is widely known as a Linux tool. All of these guys have degrees. I have on the job experience, digging in the trenches. Apparently when you are getting your CS degree, learning what the community has made available for your use is just not a high priority.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on them… Do you know what imagemagick is? What it is used for? How it could be useful to you? No? If you deal with any sort of image automation, you need to know about this software:

In short, an awesome, easy way to automate the resizing of images, and the rest of the kitchen sink… The kicker is, it’s been around since the mid to late 90’s. Very long history indeed! Give them a look if you haven’t before, even if you don’t need it now, just knowing about it could mean the difference between PhotoShop hell (to the tune of 15,000 images) and complete image automation.