Google asks people in Times Square “What is a browser?”… Considering I started using a “browser” back in 1995, I was in a good deal of shock that most people had no idea what a browser was. No wonder so many people still use Internet Explorer after all these years!

At this point, if you have watched the video already and are still looking for the answer.  It is simple.

Simply put, a web browser is the thing you use to visit websites.  The most common web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.  There are MANY more not mentioned here.

A SEARCH ENGINE – Google, Yahoo, Bing (it’s new), and Web Crawler (do you remember that one?) …

What causes the confusion?

There are a lot of factors, but having the Search Engine plugins which automatically search when you get your website URL wrong is probably a good indicator of why there is confusion.  If you don’t understand how it works already (and most people don’t want to understand) then you will think that all of the rolled up technologies are a single technology instead of seeing the small moving parts.

And with that, I am just amazed.