I have decided that Apple is preventing me from purchasing more of their products by not allowing their iPhone and iPad docks to to work with their cases.

When I bought my iPad, I was extremely happy that I had the opportunity to also purchase their case. it’s a glorious, wonderful case that does everything I need, and more. My aim was to also purchase the iPad Keyboard Dock, which I did buy, but had to immediately take back and exchange for a bluetooth keyboard. The simple reason is that taking the iPad out of the case to put it into the dock was just too much of a bother. The iPad case is designed in such a way that you should never have to remove the iPad from it, and my thought was that I should be able to just drop my iPad into the dock and it would just work. Well, the snug fit of the iPad dock is great when you only have the iPad, but even putting the thin iPad case on the iPad is enough to make it too thick to fit the device.

While I wasn’t real happy with the situation, I understood and I moved on. That was 3 months ago. Now that I have my shiny new iPhone 4, and the ever awesome bumper case, I find myself upset that even though our 1st gen iPhone dock will fit the iPhone 4, (as reported by TUAW) I find that I do not want to remove the case just to put the device into a dock. I asked at the store if the dock that they had in stock would fit the iPhone 4 with a case on it and was told no, it was a snug fit to the device. I understand why, and the simple answer is that it keeps the connector pins from bending and breaking.

So now we come back to the question. If Apple took the time to create this awesome device, with a cool bumper case, then why did they not create a dock with a removable insert, something like those provided by iHome so that the iPods fit? Granted, those inserts are also made for the device itself, and in general cannot be used with a case, but making it work with an apple case (the only one sold) seems like it should be a given!

I love what Apple has done with their devices, but a little more thought to this minor detail for the next product would allow me to both have what I want, as well as fund the company that little bit more. In short, Apple should not prevent me from spending the money I want to spend on their products 😀