Traveler's Quest QR Code

While reading the article on Read Write Web about Google ditching QR codes for their maps product, it came to mind that the QR codes are very low tech. You can print them, copy them, and put them in lots of places without costing much. There is a very low barrier to entry for anyone who would like to use them. On the other hand, Near Field Communication, while it will be great for purchasing things, it won’t be great as a reference tool. I can’t put NFC on a business card or flyer to open up my website. After all, a QR code is just an image which is translated by the software of your choice (in my case the ATTScanner. NFC on the other hand requires you to have a device that can communicate using NFC (not just an app).


NFC will require secure communication, since it will be used for purchasing and more, and it will be cool, and possibly allow us to not carry around those antiquated credit card things. Will it be like the key fobs that automatically unlock or start our cars, allowing people to steal our precious personal data, or worse financial information? If not done securely, properly, it could all for just that scenario. What happens if you loose your smart phone? It will be like loosing your wallet. Everything you need will be there, and you had better hope that you have locked it down, and set it to erase on bad password…

Yes, yes, I know, I ran off on a tangent about how cool, and how bad it could be, but that doesn’t really say why it won’t replace the QR code does it? I can tell you that for me, I do not have a business address to direct people to, I have a website. Everything that I do is online, which means that NFC for my company is useless. While that won’t be the case for MANY other companies, stores and more, for me it just wouldn’t make sense to even attempt to move over to that technology for my company. QR codes though make sense because of all of the reasons I listed above, and that’s enough of a reason for me to say that they shouldn’t toss out the QR codes when they seem to be finally taking off.

On a happier note, there are other places that allow you to create those QR codes online, and I suppose I will be sticking with them for my QR code needs.

What do you think? Feel free to discuss in the comments!