Yes folks, that is my word of the day – borrowed from our latest app review, and that’s just how I feel.

Early this afternoon I was pointed to a tweet from Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel… It seems that she’s been posting screen shots from her iPhone of the official NHC tracking maps using Hurricane for the iPhone. While it wasn’t a shock, it was a definite feel good moment. The response to my thank you tweet by Mrs. Abrams was absolutely fantastic – hearing from her how much she loves our app, and the work that we’ve put into it really made my day. She’s already known for being a very kind person, always talking about the positive; she definitely has a motivational personality. In truth, this is the best recommendation we’ve received so far – as far as I know. What makes it so much more significant is that she even responded to the post letting everyone know how she feels about the app. To me, that was huge. I’m not sure if I can express how huge that was to me… I think it is right up there with going to the National Hurricane Conference and seeing my app on the forecaster’s phones as I was talking to them. I know when it comes down to it, these are regular every day people, just like myself. Like most people though, I’ve watched the work of these fantastic people from a far for many years now, and consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to create something that they find worthy. I don’t think it gets much simpler or more down to earth than that.

So today was UltraMegaFantastic – the perfect single word that completely describes my day and how I feel right now.

Thank you for making my day!