So I’m on a program, and trying to get fit… I’ve had this extra MASS of weight on me for far too long, and have hated it since it intruded on my body several years ago. I’ve finally found something that works for me – not easy I know – and now I’m keeping track of how much I’m loosing as well as all of my food intake so that I can transform how I live moving forward.

I started my program on October 4, 2011, and my anticipated completion date is Feb, 2012 – long time, but a really big goal too. The button above will allow you to see how much I’ve lost to date, and it will continue to update itself each week as I check in. I’m on week 5 now, and have lost roughly 17 lbs. That in itself is exciting!

Through this process I’m learning a lot… I’ve always needed a dietician since frankly, I have no clue. We’ll see how it continues to go. Feel free to watch as I continue my progression to a better me.