Earlier this year I wrote a post about how Near Field Communications would not replace QR codes, especially where mass produced print materials are involved. Over the last few months we’ve been talking internally about some really cool things that could be done with RFID tags, like interactive location based games. As you may know, we have a game called Traveler’s Quest which gets you out and about to look for treasure with your iPhone as your treasure hunting device. The experience of this game is fantastic for large scale travel, especially for state to state and international travelers. But what happens if you want to bury a treasure at a specific place, like in Mouse Gear at Epcot in Orlando’s Disney World? You can most certainly do that, but if you’re trying to use your treasure to show that you’ve been there, it’s a little more difficult to make sure the other person also goes to Mouse Gear. While as a game we couldn’t do much more without the permission and sanction of Disney, they could create a game much like their Kim Possible game that uses RFID tags to allow you to play a game inside the park.

Have you ever played a game called MagiQuest? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of the game, but I can assure you it is quite fun to play! We happened across the game at a Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA where we only intended to stay for a single night – however after happening across both the lodge and the game, we fell in love! The game consists of a wand for each player, and “magical” items, pictures, and touch screens, all of which are needed to complete each of several quests. The game uses Infrared technology in the wands, but could do even more with RFID, allowing you to purchase upgrades to your wands and the game to tell which items you have based on the individual RFID tags. Really awesome concepts in my opinion.

To go a step further, Disney is also play testing games using either the same or similar technologies – which I can’t wait to hit the parks and use once it’s available!

While most people would think of these things as great for marketing, I personally feel that these would be great for games, allowing people to interact even more with the games that they play. It’s hard to go into some of the ideas without giving too much away, but the ideas are definitely there, and the possibilities are definitely endless. Just one more way to add a little magic to your day 😀